Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Prairie Home Companion

Saturday night I watched "A Prairie Home Companion" the movie. It took me back to when I was driving big rigs across this great nation of ours. I loved driving through the night, we were a different breed of driver. The night drivers depended on each other, we hardly ever argued with each other on the CB radio, and swearing was against the rules at night. I remember one night coming out of Wisconsin, it must have been around midnight, I picked up the mic, mind you I hadn't heard anything for a while, I keyed up the mic and started sounding like a cow. A few seconds later someone else made the sound of a sheep, before I knew it we had a regular barn yard going on. Many of Saturday nights I would have "A Prairie Home Companion" from the PBS Channel, on the radio. A lot of times it was just to hear a human voice, it would mostly get me through the night. Truck drivers used to be know as the Knights of the Road, we would stop and help anyone broke down on the highway. But then people started robbing the drivers who stopped to help them. Sometimes it would be a very attractive female, and the tire would be flat. While the driver was down on one knee, a man would come running out of the woods with a bat and slug the driver. Then the couple would jump up into the cab of the truck and take off with it, leaving the driver with the stolen car. So it got to where we could take the chance any more.

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