Monday, July 12, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

The next job I remember having was when we were living in Brooklyn, N. Y. My dad was stationed at Ft. Hamilton. We used to go up on the roof and watch them built the Verrazano bridge. The building was six stories high, but at the young age of ten, they were skyscrapers. The Post had a bulletin that come out everyday, it was called the Plan Of The Day. I would pick them up and delivery them to the apartments and houses on the post. For doing this I would get ten cents at the end of the week from each apartment and house I had. Every Friday I would get over eight dollars, half I had to give to my dad to help pay for the food I ate. One time I was making ten dollars a week, but I never told my dad if I made more then eight.
Little did I know that that was the start to an ever changing career path. One that makes me pretty much a jack of all trades, a master at none.
My next job description is going to be very interesting, I think you'll be very surprised.

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